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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is

Never been interested in Politics before but upset with how the Nation and the world are evolving? The Green Party demonstrates that there is “Peace in the Doing”.

“My name is Kimberly Bain. Bernie Sanders created an excitement in me for politics for the first time and I was involved with promoting him in my community in the 2016 Presidential Primary. The evening of the Democratic Primary changed my life. As I Watched our politics being hijacked, followed by Bernie endorsing a candidate I did not feel represented the change I wanted to see for this country, I became motivated to do something toward making the changes I wanted to see. I Googled the Green Party Platform. After researching the Green Party, I had a renewed excitement about politics! Scary as it may have been at the time to choose something different, I had a choice, and the choice I found aligned with my beliefs and values. The Green Party’s, Green New Deal sealed my fate. I could vote for a woman, but not the woman being sold to us by the Corporatocracy. Sitting at home and watching the world unravel was depressing. Becoming involved with changing the face of politics in Utah has changed my life. I’ve never been more frustrated, exhausted and fed-up in my life, but I have also never felt more ALIVE! There truly is Peace in the Doing. I am involved with the Green Party of Utah’s Green Women Rising because I am a woman and I am tired of being marginalized, undervalued and oppressed. I want to have a hand in lifting women up in our community as I feel women, with peaceful policies, will change the world.“

The Green Party of Utah’s Women’s Caucus, Green Women Rising, invites you to join us in the pursuit of thoughtful, committed citizen engagement. All are welcome whose beliefs resonate and align with our Ten Key Values and Four Pillars of, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, NonViolence and Grassroots Democracy.